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lekker/ˈlɛkər/ - delicious, tasty, local is lekker

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Our Cider

We are craft beer and wine lovers too, and you will taste and see that influence in all of our ciders. We almost exclusively use beer yeast to impart flavors that we love finding in our favorite craft beers. We plan to run seasonal ciders with consumer input. Try us with your most creative, weird sounding cider ideas and you might find it in a bottle or on tap at your favorite cider dispensing abode.


About Us

Lekker Cider is about creating hard ciders influenced by creativity, natural ingredients, and a dedication to unique yet approachable fermented creations beginning with fresh Pacific Northwest apples. 


LEKKER; Word Origin: Afrikaans, meaning tasty and delicious. Popular slogan promoting culture, libations and good times. Local is lekker.


Dry Hopped Bru – Hopped Cider


Eiland Guava Bru – Fruit Cider
Pippin’s Bru – Heritage Cider – Dry



Fresh Faces in Canadian Cider: Lekker Cider Co.

By Emily Kovach 

There’s a new kid on the block in the Canadian cider scene: Lekker Cider Co. This new urban cidery startup, founded by the wife-and-husband team of Liz and Brendan Kearns, is based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



by Linda Garson and Tom Firth

Cider can be made in any brewery from bought apple juice, or brewed under contract, but to make craft cider you need to own your own cidery and brew in small batches from apples, with little to no carbonation. And we’re just starting to see a revival…



By Brendan Kearns

Calgary’s newest cidery, Lekker Cider, headed up by husband and wife team , Elizabeth & Brendan, is making clean, fresh styles of cider using Pacific Northwest apples and a variety of yeasts to achieve unique, yet subtle, flavour profiles. Since they’re such lovely people making equally as lovely cider, we asked them to tell us a little about themselves. Here is their story!