About Us

We’re Brendan and Elizabeth Kearns, a husband and wife team that began Lekker with the intention of introducing the market to a range of ciders which borrow from tradition but are inspired by modern day experimentation. Lekker Cider Co. was born in August 2018; inspired by Brendan’s ever-flowing creativity and his entrepreneurial drive, and the deep fascination Elizabeth has in exploring the history of, community around and experiences we live through our food and drink.

That said, we think that our about page should provide a bit of clarity on how it all started - how a psychotherapist ended up making cider and how it didn’t take Liz convincing that this was brilliant idea. Although it may very well be our being together for nine years that had something to do with this degree of trust - to go from fermenting under the stairs of our house to making cider commercially, this trust and scrappiness has built Lekker to be what it is today. From Liz's adoration and deep curiosity around all things food and drink, and her background in marketing and project management, to Brendan's creative side in publishing novels and writing top-charting alt-rock albums, you could say we’re a dynamic team. Mash up a love of the industry, naivety, a splash of strategy and a lot of heart, and Lekker Cider Co. was born.

Lekker’s name is inspired from South African culture, where family heritage runs deep. Used as slang in describing that which is tasty, delicious and local - we took this philosophy and ran with it. We strive to live up to the sentiment in our cider making and lifestyles, knowing that it is the creating, sharing, exploring and giving back that goes into making the lekker times.

We do this by making cider from fresh pressed apples. We don't like apple juice concentrates because they're boring, but we do like using beer yeast, hops, other fruits, in addition to damn good apples, to craft experimental and intriguing ciders. We love things that remind us of the libations and cultures we've experienced during our world travels and we’re always striving to push the boundaries of traditional cider making while borrowing from it the things that are sure to last.

So, as for providing clarity as to what made a psychotherapist turn to making cider, we think that your assumptions will be more entertaining than the truth.


A little of Liz…

Likes lifting heavy things…and big ol’ glasses of wine

Hails from a heritage of South Africans

Happiest cruising around on my bike

Island girl and South Pacific native; flip flops over heels - always

Wanderlust-er. Travel bug; nomad

Dora the Explorer of taste adventures. Will likely find me at that tasting dinner or cidery hopping, over the hockey game (touch dooown!)

Sweet spot for celebrating - a cheers is always in order


A bit of Bren…

Favorite activity: surfing perfect waves in remote areas with good mates (and with an apres surf cider)

Fermentation geek

Not South African…actually Irish and Scottish; but both of which share a rich drinking of libation heritage

Favorite places traveled: South Africa, Northwest Africa, Indonesia

Strong believer in creating a world based on sustainable energy

Wanderlust-er. Addicted to exploration

Musically inclined