It has been a fantastic fall season for us, producing batch #001 of the Dry Hopped Bru and PNW Bru and meeting so many great people at the Rocky Mountain Wine and Food Festival along the way.

We had a number of set backs getting this first batch off, which was a swift introduction to the craft cider business. Our canning ended up a month and a half behind schedule due to several mechanical issues, a monsoon in the pacific ocean delayed tank delivery by over a month, and a few other kinks showed up along the way that we've come to accept as "life in a small craft cidery". Needless to say, beyond the hand application of strip labels to over 5000 cans, this batch has had a lot of heart and dedication put into it, and what's more rewarding, is the small dedicated team who have helped it all come together (including Kona the golden who eats all the apples). Many thanks to all of our good mates for helping out at the festival and of course our main man Cody from StriveOn Solutions for helping with literally anything through to the 17th hour.

We are now available at several locations in YYC and YEG and would like to thank all these places for helping us kick things off! Below is certainly not an exhaustive list of locations but as of November 9th, it's where we can be found!

Rocky Mountain Wine Spirits Beer (YYC)

Frenchie Wine Bar & Una Pizza (17th Ave, YYC)

Bar Von Der Fels (Downtown, YYC)

Bricks Wine Co. (Inglewood, YYC)

Inglewood Oak & Vine (Inglewood, YYC)

Collective Craft Beer Shop (Lake Bonavista, YYC)

Highlander Wine Spirits Beer (Marda Loop, YYC)

BK Liquor (Bridgeland, YYC)

OX Bar de Tapas (coming soon)

Beer Revolution (Oliver Sq., YEG)

Sherbrooke Liquor (Inglewood, YEG)

Liquor on Mcleod (Spruce Grove, YEG)

Cheers bru

Lekker Cider

"You may not brew cider like you brew beer,

but you do share lekker cider with your best bru"

Elizabeth Horner