Spring Has Arrived

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With the coming of spring and the selling out of our first batch of cider, we felt it worth while to share a new blog post re: all things Lekker.

Whats New?

Over the cold winter months, we were busy fermenting and blending fruit to create a fresh batch of ciders including a new one we have coined the Eiland Guava Bru. This cider was recently released in the Alberta market in 355ml cans and has proven a patio pleaser already. It is an off-dry and tart cider; fermented with a white wine yeast from the Western Cape of SA and made with Gala, Fuji, Red Delicious, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith apples (and guava of course).

The Alberta Cider Market

We continue to push for "real cider" to be recognized in the Alberta market as a craft beverage made from real apples and not concentrate; our goal continues to separate our products and others like it from the category "refreshment beverages" i.e. coolers, blended high balls, and concentrated ciders. Alberta craft beer manufacturers continue to enjoy reduced mark-ups in our province, supporting new manufacturers greatly.

However, the Alberta government continues to charge Alberta made craft cider large mark-ups - the same mark-ups as products that are imported from elsewhere and mass produced. We will continue to push for the Minister of Finance and our new government to recognize diversification in the manufacturing sector and to support Alberta made products. A reduction in mark-up would surely put a boost into our product portfolio, make a tap-room and production facility possible in a much shorter period, and allow us to bring more Lekker cider to Alberta consumers, faster.


In more interesting news, we have a number of festivals planned for this coming spring including UnCorked in Canmore on April 27th, and the AB Beer Festival at the beginning of May. We will also be partaking in Lilac festival, pouring alongside good friends Freehold Brewing! We are further happy to announce that two of our ciders placed in the top 5 at the Willow Park Cider Festival this month (chosen by consumers), and that we plan to have our ciders submitted for review at the annual Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP) in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is a big competition and we are thrilled to have entered our single varietal Newtown Pippin Cider, Eiland Guava off-dry Cider and Dry Hopped Cider this year. Stay tuned for results.

Next week we will head back down to Yakima for the pressing of a new batch of PNW Bru ciders that we will have kegged up and ready to feature at Craft on 10th in Calgary from June - September. We are stoked to collaborate with an establishment that we have frequented since its opening and will hopefully see you all at their rotating tap release/8th anniversary party in June with The Dudes. There will also be several more PNW Bru kegs popping up in and around Alberta so keep an eye out on your favorite patio.

In outdoor news, there is some rock that is already good to climb and as the winter swells and pow is on the way out, the spring/summer swell is about to set in. We were lucky enough to get out for a climb and a surf over previous weeks (the latter took some travel) and although the powder and bigger swell is always welcome, as are (slightly) warmer waters and sunny mountain hikes. See you out there!

We are looking forward to a productive and busy spring, thank you all for your continued support.

Lekker Cider Co.

Aka Liz & Brendan Kearns

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